The French Creek 631B Confined Space Rescue System combines a 9 ft tripod, a 50 ft galvanized steel rope winch, and an all around lightweight harness. The kit is lightweight and portable for a quick and easy one person set up. Complete the kit by adding the BW Honeywell 4 gas monitor and/or an Allegro confined space blower with ducting ventilation.

Kit Includes:

  • French Creek Tripod Combination- 9′ TP9 Aluminum Tripod – MW50G 50′ Galvanized Wire Rope Work Winch
    – R50G 50′ Galvanized Steel 3-Way Rescue Unit
  • French Creek 631 Lightweight Harness with Hip Position D-Rings

Key Features:

  • 9 ft aluminum tripod, lowest setting at 7 ft
  • Tripod withstands 5000 lbs of vertical load
  • Lightweight and portable for quick and easy single person set up
  • Adjustable/locking aluminum legs, safety chain, non-slip rubber safety shoes
  • 50’ galvanized steel cable
  • System can be activated into winch mode for raising/lowering
  • R50 has a friction brake to prevent the crank handle from free-wheeling
  • Lightweight 5-point adjustment harness
  • EZ-Slide back D-ring allows for straight vertical position after a fall
  • Meets all applicable ANSI and OSHA standards
  • Made in the USA

Part Numbers:
S50G-9 – French Creek 9′ Aluminum Tripod and 50′ Galvanized 3-Way Rescue Unit
631B – French Creek 631 Lightweight Harness with Hip Position D-Rings