Working in Safety and Comfort with Xposure Guard

In 2001, ETI introduced their OREX™ line of products to the nuclear power industry. Since that time over 80% of the nuclear facilities in the United States have adopted OREX™ as their protective clothing of choice. They applied that same knowledge in their new Xposure Guard™ line of protective outer wear.

We believe after a close inspection you will find that Xposure Guard™ garments will offer your workers the best fitting, most comfortable garment available. From experience we know that garments that fit properly and provide ample range of motion lead to fewer rips, tears, and failed garments. Eastern Technologies has built into the Xposure Guard™ garments a more generous amount of fabric in key areas to virtually eliminate tears and allow for the most free range of motion available on the market.

ETI is uniquely positioned to provide the technical support you deserve. If we have not tested for your particular hazard we have a contracted 3rd party laboratory waiting on standby. Good or bad, you will have answers quickly.

While no corners have been cut with regard to the fabric, design and manufacture of Xposure Guard™ garments there is no danger of exceeding your budget for protective clothing. Not only will Xposure Guard™ garments reduce the need to replace torn and damaged garments, but the upfront price is competitive with any other similar garment currently available.

Advantages of Xposure Guard™

Xposure Guard™ customers get a superior, more durable product priced competitively with other, less durable products on the market.



Xposure Guard™ products are designed to be the best fitting, most comfortable garment available.


Best FitTM

Xposure Guard™ offers unparalleled range of movement, comfort and protection for the worker.



Xposure Guard™ is made with only the highest quality fabrics, enabling our garments to offer your worker maximum protection.


Cost Savings

Xposure Guard™ garments are competitively priced with a reduced need to replace torn and damaged garments.


Full Length Zipper

Xposure Guard™ garments incorporating an attached hood are designed with a zipper that extends to the wearers chin. This design improvement eliminates the need to “tape closed” the gap left between the top of a standard length zipper and the workers chin when the attached hood is worn over a respirator.

Hazmat Exposure suit
Hazmat Exposure suit

Hazmat Exposure suit